Can we really have it all, as a working mum?

Dropping Harrison off at nursery today, before work, out of no where I felt a tug at my working mum heart.

We’re here earlier than normal and daddy won’t be picking him up for ten hours, it’s a long day.

I’m in my best, ‘I’m an important business women, don’t you know’ suit’. My armour, for the battle ahead today. I’ve even got heals on, and struggling to walk, carrying Harrison, his gruffalo back pack, my monster handbag, expressing gear, laptop and a bag with milk and Metanium botty cream. (For Harrison not me).

Off to the train station, with my monster handbag.

You need to be part octopus, to be a working mum.

I’m trying to be super mum, still breastfeeding, co-sleeping, healthy food, non stop entertainment, and buckets of love. Packing EVERYTHING he may need for the next ten hours at nursery.

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The thing is, as I get to the car park, there are three other identical working mum’s to me. All in work clothes, smart and ready for their own battles.

Their kids are a little older, yes, but I wonder what they’re thinking. Do they still worry like me?

Are we all trying to have it all, being amazing mum’s and having careers?

Is it possible, or are we kidding ourselves?

I look at them, they look like they’ve got this drill down. They look confident, taking things in their stride. I felt pride for them, I admired them.

I wonder what they think looking at me?

Then I realise, I’m part of this tribe of working mum’s now. I am one of these confident, organised mum’s. All being the best mum they can, and working to provide for their families.

All worried we’re slightly failing, our own worst critics.

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Before I had Harrison, it baffled me how parents had enough time for everything and dealt with sleep deprivation. I always felt tired and felt like I was chasing my tail. What a joke, I had oodles of time.

Being a parent, there’s no magic solution, you just get on with it. Planning and organisation are everything.

Parents really are my hero’s.

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So can we have it all?

I think it’s about motivation and priorities. Do you want it all? Can you be bothered?
For me, my priorities have changed. I no longer want to see how far I can push myself, you can keep your glass ceiling in tact, there will be no smashing today. I’m not prepared to still be logged on at 10pm, working at weekends. I don’t want the stress. How much money do we need, are more material ‘things’ important?

My number one priority right now, has the most amazing laugh when you tickle his neck, and gives me joy like I’ve never known.

Will I feel this way in a few years, who knows?

You need to do what feels right for you and your family in your circumstances.

And if you do smash that ceiling, I’ll pass you the hammer and cheer you on. But I won’t be following you right now, I’ll be most likely, making you a cup of tea.

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4 Replies to “Can we really have it all, as a working mum?”

  1. I think once you become a parent priorities change. I’m not sure if it’s to do with whether your a mum or dad, life just alters so intensely that everything needs to find its new pace, its new balance.
    I think if you’re organised enough- which you definitely seem to be- anything’s possible. It’s just that now you might not want what you once did, whilst others are still on the road.
    As long as your beautiful family are happy, what more is really needed? Good luck. x

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