Has motherhood changed me?

Last week a few things happened which really made me reflect on how differently I approach and handle situations.

Has motherhood changed me?

I think so.

The thing is after being awake most of the night and trying to sooth a teething baby, you think I might be more irrational and unreasonable.

Well no.

You see this is my big stuff now, the important stuff.

When you get used to surviving on limited sleep, juggling responsibilities, getting through huge baby milestones, it makes things that used to rile you up, well less important.

I’ve found myself not reacting like I used to. I’m more aware of my emotions and dare I say a bit more relaxed.

Anyway, back to what happened.

I got an email, I’d upset someone that was clear.

They were very defensive. It was very out off the blue.

The old me, before motherhood, would have bit. A hasty reply perhaps.

Well this time I didn’t, I took time to think about it. Even if I didn’t mean to upset them…I had.

I called them and apologised and reassured them I was very supportive and I only had the best intentions.

They thanked me for calling and shared with me they were fighting a different battle. Unknown to me I’d hit a nerve, provoked a reaction. It all made sense, I understood. Their pain was nothing to do with me.

Had I not picked up the phone I wouldn’t of appreciated their perspective. This person wouldn’t have opened up.

I suppose it goes back to the importance of being nice to everyone, as you never know what battles they face.

Instead of retaliating, ask why? Take a minute to think. I’m going to keep trying to do this.

This new me, the mother, is nicer, more compassionate and understanding. Could it be this past year has broken me back down to rebuild a better version of myself. Taken me to to the edge of sanity to give me perspective and life experience.

Has it taught me not to judge? 

Its certainly shown me my views can change, go 360 in fact. You can read as many books as you like, but nothing prepares you for motherhood. When you’re in the trenches, you do what you need to do to survive. We all just want to be the best mum we can be, and try and do what’s right for our families.

How have you changed since motherhood?

Can we really have it all, as a working mum?

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