Why you should feel confident with your mum bod

‘Mum bod’ – Your changing body after babies

My second Mother’s Day is nearly here and looking back, what a year it’s been.

We’ve experienced so many firsts and a few lasts. First Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday. First foods, words, steps….ah and the lasts. Last baby group sessions, days of maternity.

One thing that’s been constant through this time has been our love of swimming with Puddle Ducks.

Ready to get in the pool this week.

To be honest though, the thought of swimming, with my newly formed mum bod, was more than a little daunting.

I’m still not quite sure how I managed it, but I put on nearly 5 stones whilst pregnant. For someone who’s had nick names all their life such as ‘lanky’, ‘olive oil’, ‘giraffe’, ‘limby git’, I never thought I’d put on so much. But having sickness for 9 months, eating gave a temporary relief.

So I found a plain ‘don’t look at me’ costume with a frilly top to cover my wonky lactating boobs. Wind forward to us graduating from floaties to splashers and I picked out a new red plunging costume.

I realised no one cared, no one bat an eyelid at my wobbly bits, pasty legs and smudged mascara.
Did someone say Special K?

I’m also not the only mum who forgot her bra after swimming and had to let the girls break free.

All anyone cares about is if their baby is having fun, are they warm enough, did we remember to pack everything….did I leave the iron on, what are we having for tea.

God forbid you forget a swim nappy, no one wants a chocolate surprise in the pool.

I’ve had mum’s offer to help dress Harrison, when I’m dripping, other mum’s have shared snacks with all the babies. One time I’d left our nappies in the car, and I think every single mum offered.

Harrison has transformed from a tiny baby, just able to hold his head up, to a strapping toddler thrashing in the pool. I’ve gone from a size 14 to size 10 since last Mother’s Day, and have developed a more healthy view of my body….no ducks given!

My little fish, and Nemo

Everyone is far too busy wrestling their wet wriggly babies out of wetsuits and avoiding nappy explosions. Or if we’re dunking this week, to care what anyone else looks like.

Swimming with Puddle Ducks has been a weekly fixture we’ve loved.

Through all the change of going back to work, it’s something we could continue. Some of my magic moments include Harrison swimming through a hoop for the first time and kicking his legs. Him learning to close his eyes to be dunked, holding on to the side all by himself. Recently he’s started doing bubbles in the bath and we were squealing (well I was) and realising he finally gets it. But the best thing is knowing, despite all the fun, were giving him important survival techniques.

Hold on hold on!

So my advice is, don’t worry about stripping down to a cossy and parading your new mum bod. You earn’t it, wear it with pride and enjoy every minute with your baby. Make special memories. Swimming is something both parents and grand parents can get involved in, and its something you can start now and continue for years.

I am so excited about going on holiday and taking Harrison swimming. I know my future holiday pictures and memories will definitely feature buckets of water and lots of splashing.

Puddle Ducks Doncaster

Dealing with mum guilt and returning to work.

Can we really have it all, as a working mum?


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