5 ways to have more fun at bath time

Bath time has changed so much for us in the last  year, from gentle calm ripples in a bath seat, to a thrashing and screaming Harrison, trying to drench everything in a 3 metre splash zone.

Sporting a bath time comb over.
There’s one thing clear, this boy loves water.

Yes, of course we get the odd night he’s just too tired, and completely over it, but on the whole bath time isn’t a chore, or a dreaded task, followed by a wine chaser. It’s a time of fun, and giggles for the both of us.

He expects it, it’s our routine. Dinner, bath, teeth, story and bed. I pick him up at 5pm and this nightly ritual takes two hours. To be honest the routine is as much for me as him, to keep us on track and winning through the chaos.

I run the bath and I let him dart around and he’s so tall now, he likes to stand on tippy toes, peering over, checking the progress of the filling tub.

I lift him in and let him have a good play and splash around. He launches himself in, kicks his legs, blows bubbles, lots of what we practice at swimming.

We’ve had a succession of rubber ducks and boats, which I throw out after a while, as mould can grow inside, with water getting in them. So I do like the idea of the Puddle Ducks rubber ducky that’s solid so no water can get in.

Alphabety spaghetti bath water
Harrison’s favourite thing right now is to pour water.

Be it plastic cups, stacking cups or watering cans. This can get a bit tricky trying to keep all the water inside the tub. He love so to pour it all over, and stand up and drench himself.

When we get round to getting a wash, we’ve been using the new Dove baby range, but we also love Johnsons baby shampoo. There’s something about the smell, it makes their hair smell lovely. Plus good for foaming up and making punk rocker hair styles and beards.

Foam party!
We also like to have a sing-song, and Nicola Codd from Puddle Ducks Doncaster and South Humberside recommends these games to try out:

1. Encourage baby / child to splash their hands and toes. Sing songs and rhymes to encourage them such as ‘this is the way we splash our toes’ ‘this is the way we splash our hands’ or use the Puddle Ducks bath mitt to sing the 5 Puddle Ducks song!
2. Using a cup or watering can, gives them an opportunity to play and explore how the water moves. They can also pour water onto different parts of their bodies as they play
3. Place a ball on top of the water, push it down and let the ball pop up out the water
4. Use a mirror to play Peek-a-boo, especially funny if you’re child enjoys having their hair washed and seeing the bubbles on their head.
5. Use building blocks to allow baby / child to build towers and knock them down, splashing into the water

We’d love to know your favourite bath time toys and games, please do share, so we can give them a go too?

We’ll be supporting pyjama week at swimming this week, to help Harrison understand what its like to jump or fall in to water fully clothed. Part of learning to love water safely. Puddle Ducks are also supporting the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) learn to swim week from 10th to 16th June.

What a great week to get swimming!

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Puddle Ducks Doncaster and South Humberside

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