CBeebies Land Review

I visited CBeebies Land for the first time, with my 18 month old toddler on August Bank Holiday.

Let me start off with….IT WAS AWESOME!

So much to do and see in just CBeebies Land alone.

Getting to CBeebies Land

I was a little apprehensive about the 1 hour 45 minute journey, on my own with Harrison in the car but he slept most of the way there and back, so needn’t have worried.

It was super easy to find and sign posted all the way from the M1. Parking wasn’t a problem and marshal’s everywhere guiding you along, and £6 for all day. You can walk to the entrance, which is a good stretch of the legs but a fair way, or take the Monorail.

Mummy was more than a little excited to go in.


I’d purchased online so I didn’t need to queue at the kiosks. I went straight to the turnstiles and they scanned my e ticket, which you can also print. There are lots of ways to save money on tickets. Online the best way is to purchase more than 5 days in advance to get 20% off, but there are a multitude of offers out there. Future trips I hope to take advantage of Tesco Club-card points. Kellogg’s also do a popular 2 for 1 adult ticket offer.

The entrance is quite breathtaking and a beautiful landscaped view of the grounds. There were characters there to greet us blowing bubbles and CBeebies Land is right near the main entrance and shops.

A lovely bubbly welcome.

When you purchase online you can enter CBeebies Land an hour early at 9am, which would be a huge bonus to avoid ride queues and take shows and view the sensory gardens etc when it gets busy.


Queues for CBeebies Land rides were up to 80 minutes, but it was Bank holiday Monday, just before the kids go back to school so, if you don’t like queues you can pay to fast track or come on a quieter day. Saying that the In the night garden boat ride said 50 minutes but it didn’t feel like that at all. Also listen out for calls for groups of 2 or 3 people, as you can get ushered to the front to fill up cars. One perk of being a single parent.

I really wanted to take him on the Tree Top Adventure ride but with queues of an hour, I just felt it wasn’t feasible with an 18 month old, who hates the pram when it’s stationary, has a tendency to bolt on foot and is quite a heavy 30 pounds. So I’d pick my visit day a bit more wisely next time.

The beginning of the In the night garden boat ride.

In the night garden boat ride

Harrison saw Iggle Piggle on a sign and was pointing and squealing so I decided to take him straight on the boat ride to see him. He wanted to sit on the seat not my knee and was excited by all the water and he sang and danced to the music, loving every second.

The face of a captivated child and happy mummy.

If we had gone home right then, it still would have been worth it just to see his reaction. I couldn’t help but buy him a talking Iggle Piggle on the way out, which he hugged for the rest of the day.

The end of the ride and Iggle Piggle sails away.

Photo Opportunities

We also got to meet him and Upsy Daisy later on and had a free photo opportunity. The staff were truly in character and were very attentive and friendly.

This was really special, we got baby Iggle Piggle in the shot too.

We also caught a Hey Duggee show, whilst we ate our picnic, had another free photo opportunity and got a making friends badge. A picnics great way to save money, if you’ve already splashed out on travel, tickets and presents.

We loved being squirrels and getting a Duggee hug.

Sea Life Aquarium

We also visited the Sea Life aquarium in the main park, and I let Harrison loose to peer in and touch the glass freely. He was so excited and happy, he couldn’t contain himself. We also saw his beloved ‘Dor Dor’ or Dory, and had lots of squealing.

Traveling alone

Everyone in the park was super friendly and on a high and definitely in holiday mode. One lady asked to take a picture for me when I was hugging Harrison on a ride as we looked so cute, which I was very touched by. You’ll never read this but thank you kind lady.

A special moment captured by a kind stranger.

Another lady pushed my pram on to the Sky-ride and lots of people offered to help me. So if you worry about going alone with a child, you can do it don’t fret.

Hotel and Water park

Next time we go I’m planning on taking advantage of a 2 day hotel offer. Visiting the theme park one day and water park the other with a stay in the hotel. Alton Towers have a slide and ride and mid-week offers, but best to book well in advance looking at availability and prices on the website.

Pros and Cons of CBeebies Land


  • Easy directions and parking.
  • Club Card voucher offers, trade in £2.50 of vouchers and pay £21.99 for an adult ticket.
  • Under 3’s go free.
  • Free photo opportunities.
  • Plenty of picnic space to save money.
  • Happy holiday vibe and atmosphere.


  • Queue times in CBeebies Land meant we didn’t go on most of the rides, entertaining an 18 month old in queue for an hour on my own just wasn’t an option, so don’t go on peak days to avoid this.
  • It’s not easy to find the dates with best hotel park deals on the website, you have to keep searching and persevere. It would be better to be able to see which dates have the deal straight away.
  • Account for time to get in and out of the park in your travel plans as this was a lot longer than I expected.
  • A couple of rides in CBeebies Land have height restrictions which I didn’t expect, so check in advance to avoid disappointed toddlers.

CBeebies Land Alton Towers

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