Cannon Hall Farm – Day Trips Out Review

We visited Cannon Hall Farm today, we’ve been before but today had special appearances from Pepper and George Pig. What better excuse than to go. They have different appearances through the year and advertise them though the website and Facebook page. There’s no extra fee, just a normal ticket price and under 2’s go free.

Very excited waiting for Pepper Pig

Getting there

Cannon Hall Farm is just under an hour from Doncaster and sign posted off the M1, so easy enough to find. Parking is £3 but if you eat in either of the restaurants and spend over £10, you can take part of your ticket and be reimbursed.

This guy really did look like a mini dinosaur

Brand new reptile house

We’d got there at 10am and was lovely and quiet on a Sunday, so almost had the Reptile house to ourselves. It’s only been open six weeks, and I’ve honestly never seen a more impressive reptile enclosure. They had ample space and we got to see the Chameleon and Bearded Dragon eat live crickets fed by the staff. Watching the Chameleons tongue spring out in action, was something else. Harrison was also very excited by the fish being a ‘Finding Dory’ fan.

When big George met Harrison’s little George

Meeting Pepper Pig

The appearances were on the hour every hour between 11am and 3pm. We head up about quarter to 11 to get a good spot at the sheep racing enclosure. It was raining and did get a little congested up one end, but when Pepper and George appeared the kids were genuinely excited and cheering.

Aaaahhh it’s really Pepper!

The older children seemed to take it in their stride reaching out to shake hands and hug George and Pepper, where as some of the younger ones including Harrison were a bit overwhelmed when face to face with them.

All smiles on the tractor

Tractor ride

We then went to see the goats and sheep in the enclosure at the top of the farm, and the meerkats, ferrets and birds along the way. On the tractor ride we were introduced to the farmer and had commentary from a knowledgable chaperone all about the farm and animals. We went past the sheep racing pen, and had a good view of the horses, sheep, cows, and llamas. Harrison especially enjoyed waving at everyone as we rode past.

There were three little pigs and the little one said…..

Farm animal enclosures

We then visited the multitude of farm animals and fed them the pellets we’d picked up at the entrance.

Where next? Lots of options for lunch

Lunch time at Cannon Hall Farm

There’s a few options for lunch. You can head to the picnic hut to chow down on the delights you’ve brought with you. If it’s a sunny day there are some lovely picnic benches back out of the farm entrance on your way back to the car park.

Lunch in the great outdoors

If you’d like to buy lunch there, you can head to the Hungry llama cafe and soft play or The White Bull restaurant.

Both are extremely busy at lunch time but seemed to have a constant churn of people and tables. We went in The White Bull and had the most delicious ham sandwiches. They were literally stuffed full of meat and came with a side salad and crisps and came out before nana had even got back to the table and sat down.

Look no further for an amazing hamper in the farm shop

The farm shop

Now this is somewhere I’d love to spend some time to potter around to have a look at the meat on offer and multitude of cakes, jams and pickles etc. It does all look very delicious and very tempting.

We were there four and a half hours, until Harrison couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer, but you could stay all day, there’s plenty to do, and if we’d have had longer we would have spent another hour in the soft play.

More events at Cannon Hall Farm

There are loads of events happening in the run up to Christmas. We’ll be back in December for the Elves workshop and Santa’s breakfast and can’t wait.


  • Easy to find
  • Parking reimbursed if you spend over £10 in restaurants
  • No extra costs for appearance weekends
  • Can spend a full day and get your money’s worth
  • Brand new reptile house
  • You can take your own food and save money
  • Outdoor play areas have brilliant slides and age appropriate areas
  • Felt very safe to leave the pram


  • Restaurants very busy at lunch time and may be a bit  stressful for some, however service was quick and tables were being cleared down pronto.
  • Weather could impact your experience at appearances but there are plenty of indoor areas, and I’d advice to dress for rain and you can always take layers off.

Have you been to Cannon Hall Farm, what was your favourite part of the day?

Finally, if you enjoyed this review, take a look at my Days Out Near Doncaster Facebook page, where we have a community of families sharing ideas of events and places to visit.

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