Finding a work-life balance after returning to work.

I was asked to talk about my work-life balance by The Wooden Furniture store for their Family First Campaign. I’ve been back at work now for 10 months, the same period of time I ended up having off work, after Harrison was born. So every things back to normal, right? We’ve totally got this and I have such a good work-life balance, well not quite, not all the time.

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Has motherhood changed me?

Last week a few things happened which really made me reflect on how differently I approach and handle situations.

Has motherhood changed me?

I think so.

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When it happened – no tears at nursery

Eleven days. 1 day for each month he’s been born. Harrison didn’t cry this morning when I dropped him off at nursery.

He looked back at me, in the arms of another women.

I waved and smiled and mouthed ‘goodbye’. Then he was gone and I left.

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Can we really have it all, as a working mum?

Dropping Harrison off at nursery today, before work, out of no where I felt a tug at my working mum heart.

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My first day expressing at work

It was the first time I needed to express at work yesterday. I was in a new office, doing training, with new people, and no one knows I’m breastfeeding and expressing. Why would they?

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Dealing with mum guilt – returning to work.

Sat on the train, on the way to work in Birmingham, feeling sick in my stomach and glad I didn’t have time to put mascara on this morning.

Daddy is also starting a new job so we were both out of the house before 7am.

I’m feeling guilty and a bit of a failure. I’ve abandoned my baby again.

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