Reaching 18 months breastfeeding – don’t ask me when I’m stopping.

We’re getting close to 600 days breastfeeding, and reached 18 months breastfeeding last month.

Wait until I lift my chin off the floor.

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Why you should feel confident with your mum bod

‘Mum bod’ – Your changing body after babies

My second Mother’s Day is nearly here and looking back, what a year it’s been.

We’ve experienced so many firsts and a few lasts. First Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday. First foods, words, steps….ah and the lasts. Last baby group sessions, days of maternity.

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Golden Boobies – How it feels 1 year breastfeeding

We hit a huge milestone last week. I achieved my Golden Boobies. It’s a breastfeeding award that celebrates a reaching a year.

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Has motherhood changed me?

Last week a few things happened which really made me reflect on how differently I approach and handle situations.

Has motherhood changed me?

I think so.

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When it happened – no tears at nursery

Eleven days. 1 day for each month he’s been born. Harrison didn’t cry this morning when I dropped him off at nursery.

He looked back at me, in the arms of another women.

I waved and smiled and mouthed ‘goodbye’. Then he was gone and I left.

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Can we really have it all, as a working mum?

Dropping Harrison off at nursery today, before work, out of no where I felt a tug at my working mum heart.

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My first day expressing at work

It was the first time I needed to express at work yesterday. I was in a new office, doing training, with new people, and no one knows I’m breastfeeding and expressing. Why would they?

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Dealing with mum guilt – returning to work.

Sat on the train, on the way to work in Birmingham, feeling sick in my stomach and glad I didn’t have time to put mascara on this morning.

Daddy is also starting a new job so we were both out of the house before 7am.

I’m feeling guilty and a bit of a failure. I’ve abandoned my baby again.

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Help for conversations about co-sleeping

Unicef have released a new guide on co-sleeping and SIDs. It recognises that half of all babies will have slept together in an adult bed, with a parent in the first three months.

22% of babies, 154,000, will be in bed with a parent tonight.

Is your baby waking frequently in the night?
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Kenna’s story – premature baby to mum

Kenna, mum of a four-year old boy,  and 23 month old little girl, is also 23 weeks pregnant with baby number three. Wind back nearly 27 years ago, Kenna was born at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, 14 weeks early, weighing just 1Ib 15 oz. She was the first premature baby to be cared for by Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and not sent to Sheffield or Leeds special care baby units.

As a teenager I always said I didn’t want to have children.

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